• About 1000 species of birds inhabit Argentina, of which approximately half
    are Non-Passeriformes and the remainder, Passeriformes.


  • The Identifier of Argentine birds is a tool that helps the user to identify a bird 
    that has been observed in the field, captured with a mist net, has been found 
    dead or is deposited in a museum.

  • In the case of birds observed, it is fundamental for the user to have a good 
    description, made with binoculars, and preferably in writing, in order to make 
    the best use of the Identifier. 
  • Just answer YES or NO to a series of questions asked by the system until it
    finally tells you what the bird is. In case of doubt any of the questions, follow
    one of the options, and if does not reach the target species, return to the 
    question where was the doubt and follow the other option.
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