Argentine Birds

                      por Jorge Martín Spinuzza


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                Why Birds...???


     Many times we can ask ourselves, what is the importance of Birds?

     Maybe there is not only one answer to this question. To make a list of “why Birds are important” could be difficult
     and take a long time, and it could probably be uncompleted.

     Below you will find some basis:

  •  Birds make us happy with their presence, singing and color.

  • They are a sign of environmental “health”.

  • They are great consumers of damaging insects for the man, mainly in breeding periods.

  • They are a necessary link in the food chain of other species.

  • They have always been an inspiration and adoration source in many cultures.

  • They are one of the most important ways for seed dispersion, helping to plant pollination.

  • They work as “garbage collector”, they eat dead animals cleaning the environment.

  • They work as an efficient plague controller.

  • They are a clear representation of the biodiversity in a region.

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