Argentine Birds

                      por Jorge Martín Spinuzza


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           GRASS WREN: Cistothorus platensis  

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 It inhabits various environments throughout the country.


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HOUSE WREN: Troglodytes aedon 

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Various environments. Rural areas and towns.



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   MOUNTAIN WREN: Troglodytes solstitialis 

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Inhabits Yungas northwest.



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WREN: Campylorhynchus turdinus 


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  Remarkable size for a wren (20.5 cm.). Bill somewhat long and slightly curved, bone color.
A clear eyebrow. Dark brown back slightly stained. Underparts whitish with slight mottling on flanks. Tail comparatively longer than other wren. Undertail barred. Powerful singing, usually duet. It is distributed by the east of Chaco, Formosa and the north of Misiones. It inhabits palm groves and open areas.

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