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-Ornithological organizations and environmentalists




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    Club de Observadores de Aves de Argentina "COA"
    Created by Aves Argentinas are regional clubs which bring together birders from all over the country. No lists all the COA, but only those who have enabled its website. If you want to include a new link, write to


San Andrés de Giles  - Buenos Aires

Bariloche - Río Negro

Patagonia Sur - Río Gallegos - Santa Cruz

Yetapá - Mercedes – Corrientes

La Plata - Buenos Aires

Raki – Neuquén -

Mar del Plata - Buenos Aires

Taguató - Saavedra - Ciudad de Buenos Aires

Reserva Ecológica Costanera Sur

Chilecito - La Rioja

Pilinchos - Mburucuya - Corrientes

Ushuaia - Tierra del Fuego

Tintica. Villa Langostura – Neuquén

Caburé - Agronomía - Ciudad de Buenos Aires

Federal - Rosario - Santa Fé

Berisso – Buenos Aires


-Sites of birds and wildlife photography
Photos and descriptions of all species of birds in the Chubut province.

image: ARKive - A unique collection of thousands of videos, images and fact-files illustrating the world's species.
A unique collection of thousands of videos, images and fact-files illustrating the world's species.

    It is the largest site on birds of prey in Brazil.
  Pablo Eguía Blogs beautiful photos of birds

   Birds of Ceará
   Hermann Website Redier Birds of the state of Ceara

of Birds by Prof. Hernan Alvarado

     Web site photos of birds of Uruguay
Web Ariel Aguirre, Birds of Panama


Web oriented birding in South America.


Web created by Juan Carlos Salgado, aimed at lovers of the truth Nature

     Site of Roberto W. Handl with photos of Chaco and Corrientes bird.


       Open site, Alberto Pepino, aimed at sharing knowledge and photographs of birds.

 Yellow Cardinal conservation project in the  La Pampa province.

¡Gracias por visitar Las Aves!
     Introducing birds with descriptions and photos on some species
Documentary about the flora and fauna of the Buenos Aires province (Argentina) by Gabriele   
High resolution photo gallery related to Flora & Fauna di Buenos Aires by Gabriele Magurno.

To know a natural Argentina eye in the camera viewfinder
   Foro nature photography

Site images of birds and other wildlife from Argentina, Alec Earnshaw

Web of a group of friends, bird lovers

     Photobank of bird & wildlife stock photos with over 3,000 images available to send as free E-Cards
   with matching birdsong or to download for wallpaper, websites & blogs.


     Blog de Jan Axel Cubilla Rodríguez, a reserved space for the family, work, hobbies 
    (Especially birdwatching) and any other thing that may appear.


    Herrainz Leandro Blog with great photos of birds of Ushuaia and surroundings.



"My Bird", a walk ornithological by Argentina  

Excellent French site on the birds of Argentina.

   Search of birds with descriptions, photos, sounds, etc.

Web Birds with photos of excellent quality
    Raptors of South America is the first field guide dealing exclusively with the 
   identification of the 96 species of raptors occurring in South America.

19 kb     
    Excellent site created by Horacio Reinaudo, on the Ecological Reserve Costanera Sur.

Interactive Encyclopedia of the Bords of Argentinas


-Interesting Blogs and Webs
   Excellent quality photos of birds of Argentina.
Blog en the Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve, created by the photographer Pablo Morales.
   Photography Blog flora and fauna of Santiago del Estero, by Jorge Emir LLugdar
     The place where our native plants grow
    Interesting Blog for lovers of Ornithology by Alejandro Mouchard.

    Blog where we spread the biodiversity of the lakes of Lugano, is special birds
     Carlos Calimares Blog, birds of Uruguay  
Excellent blog of native plants by Claudia Furman.

UK wildlife
   Most photographs are of wildlife, taken in Antarctica, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay,
   UK and Seychelles.

Partnership for the Protection of the Environment and Wildlife
    Blog Ricardo Doumecq Milieu on photographic safaris in Argentina

    Ariel Ocampo Blog on Ecotourism and birds in the Formosa province .


    Interesting blog with lots of information and good pictures

     ... mirando con atención a la Naturaleza vemos que la vida burbujea activamente como si
    estuviera en ebullición.


-Recommended Places for BirdWatching

   The Ecolodge Caburé i is part of a conservation project in the Atlantic Forest, one of the
   most diverse and threatened environments on the planet

Yacutinga provides the ideal balance between the use of the surrounding
  nature  and excellent tourist services.

  • -Educational Web

    Bulletin disclosure of Biological Scienses.


        Portal of Biología and Health Sciences.

    Finder courses, postgraduate and master of all kinds in Argentina.


    Finder courses, postgraduate and master of all kinds in México.
    Finder courses, postgraduate and master of all kinds in Chile.
    Finder courses, postgraduate and master of all kinds in Colombia.


  • -Web for travelers:

    Web dedicated to the organization of exits of interpretation of the Nature and
        Culture in Argentina, South America and Africa of artisan and customized way
        Web rural tourism

    Argentina travel guide     Argentina
    Online Argentina travel guide, all for your best Argentina vacations


    Altas Cumbres

     For those who want to go bird watching Neuquen.

    Excellent choice for travel by Argentina and other countries with americas guides
        specialists cacti, bromeliads and birds.

    Search for travel, flights and lodgings



    For those who want to know this wonderful country

        Excellent choice for browsing the Deseado River Nature Reserve.


      A complete guide to alternative tourism establishments
         (ecotourism, rural tourism, etc.) throughout americas

    Web rural tourism


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    Paradise Tours
    Tour Australia with the best guides ..!

    Website with important discounts for travelers.

    Argentina information for travelers and tourists, classified by Tour
         (domestic routes) and by provinces and localities



    Know where to spend a day camp

        Tourism and hotels in Argentina
       Guide of tourism and hotels in Argentina

     Online guide about the city of Buenos Aires.

      Turismo en Misiones
    Online guide about the Misiones, Litoral Argentino.   

        Turismo en la Patagonia
         Tour guide, accommodation and hotels in Patagonia, Argentina.

    Tourist guide of the Province of Cordoba Argentina, accommodations, tours, maps, routes, 
         cabins, hotels and inns, camping, apartments, houses, crafts, flora and fauna, spa, cultural events
         and stay.


        The best way to meet Santa Fe and their environments


       Site for travelers, by travelers 

    Camping Guide from all provinces of Argentina



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       Tanzania safari
        Ziara Safaris are an East African travel company specialising in tours around the greatest
        wildlife parks in the entire world.

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