Argentine Birds

                      por Jorge Martín Spinuzza


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       The great diversity of environments in Argentina, bring about the existence of 18 ecoregions (15 continentals, 2 marines and 1 Antarctic).

    Ecoregion: An ecoregion is a geographically defined area, with specific geomorphologic climate characteristics
    which are usually uniform and recurrent, and it is characterized by a vegetable appearance with natural and
    semi-natural communities, and it is shared by a group of dominant species, with dynamic and general ecologic
    conditions, and where their interaction is necessary for the long-term persistence.

    Pampas: Main ecoregion of Argentina East-Center and shared with Uruguay. It extends from the northeast of
   La Pampa to south-southeast of Córdoba, east-center of San Luis, the half south of Santa Fe and Entre Rios and the Buenos Aires province, except the far south.



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