Argentine Birds

                      por Jorge Martín Spinuzza


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         RED-RUFFED FRUITCROW: Pyroderus scutatus   

Imágenes propiedad de Avespampa

          It is the largest Passeriformes. Inhabits jungles of northeastern Argentina.


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       BARE-THROATED BELBIRD: Procnias nudicollis  

Imágen propiedad de Avespampa

    It inhabits forests in Misiones. 


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                      Sound                                                              Sonogram                           Video

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: Phytotoma rara    

Imágen propiedad de Avespampa    Imágen propiedad de Avespampa
It inhabits the forest Araucanian and the surrounding steppe.


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                                                  Sound                                                              Video

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       WHITE-TIPPED PLANTCUTTER: Phytotoma rutila     

Imágen propiedad de AvespampaImágen propiedad de Avespampa
Voice and bleating. It perches high in conspicuous places. Hipped.
Peak thick. Colorful male. Striated with tail female as the male.
Red Eye.

                Video propiedad de Avespampa     Video propiedad de Avespampa
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